Under Development

Our smart farming solution software will provide agricultural professionals with the analysis information they need to maximize their energy, time and money. While increasing the quality of their crops. With this drone technology, things will be easier than those hectic agricultural processes.

The ZenaPay smart farming solution will then analyze the soil and field every day. The data is entered into a database that can be analyzed. Drones can inform farmers about the geography and soil type of each section of the farm. They can also announce any potential problems, such as drainage problems or areas prone to erosion.

ZenaPay technology also determines the precise location that requires erosion control or additional cultivation. The proper procedure can be done without destroying plants in the surrounding area. By identifying these early problems, drones can save you a lot of money, time and energy by trying to determine these things on your own.

The rapid results gained from the drones allow any grower to make critical decisions about the short-term and long-term health of their field, including an early harvest and investigating irrigation issues.

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