Under Development

All over the world farmers are looking to drones to help increase yields while reducing costs and environmental impact. Flying over crops, drones can check damage to plants after a storm, assess crop progress and identify areas that are being over/under fertilized and over/under irrigated.

Six suspension wheels are used on the drone. The suspension wheels allow the land drone to operate in wet dirt fields. The drone needs to be high off the ground. It will come with several small quad drones which are all attached to power over Ethernet cables that are attached to the land drone. The land carries the batteries to allow for the quad drones to operate are in the fields for a long period of time.

There is a satellite hook up to allow for rural areas to communicate to the internet. It is not for download videos, but to send live data to a desktop app which animates images that give necessary information regarding the progress of crops. We will use the System view for the desktop application that is similar to the water and waste pumps.

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